Friday, June 13, 2014

Who Needs A Mentor Or A Coach Anyway?

Mentors and coaches aren't just for executives, and… who else might need a mentor or a coach? 

Anyone who aspires be a better leader needs a mentor or coach.

Why you ask?  Well…

Leadership is not simply a set of actions or behaviors.  If it were, then anyone and everyone who has read a Leadership book or two, or who has been through some Leadership training would be a great Leader.  And we all know that’s not the way it works.

  • If we don’t feel that we live in a world of abundance where it is safe to be generous, we simply cannot consistently be generous, give away credit, and see many more positive things than negative.
  • If we feel that others are not trustworthy we will be unable to extend trust, and this is a key to great Leadership.
  • If fear is a driving factor in our lives, we will resist change, fail to learn from mistakes, and be unable to grow emotionally.

These are just 3 examples of how we cannot act like great Leaders if we are not able to achieve emotional growth and maturity. 

Leadership behaviors are driven by qualities.

We can only develop those qualities, which I believe are in all of us to some degree, through mistakes, personal setbacks, and other impactful events in our lives.  However, there is no guarantee that we will learn the right lessons, or develop in positive ways.

Coaches and mentors can:

Help us discern the right lessons from our mistakes and these powerful life events.

Help us see the learning opportunity and the positive side.  It is too easy to blame others, become cynical, and see only the negatives.

Tell us what we need to hear, as opposed to what we want to hear.  Our friends will generally support our desire to stay the course and resist change.

Help keep us on track towards achieving our goals no matter what life might throw at us.

So who should find a coach or mentor?

  • Who has big plans for themselves
  • Who is not getting promoted/seeing other promoted instead
  • Who is not achieving their goals/trying and not making their desired progress
  • Who needs to hire to balance their strengths
  • Who is the 'visionary' and needs people to execute... perhaps starting or growing a non profit?
  • Who lacks confidence
  • Who has a tough time 'hearing' feedback
  • Who is facing a new challenge
  • Who is new to Leadership
  • Who has repeated poor decisions in the past
  • Who has a hard time with self-reflection
  • Who is building a new team/rebuilding a team/changing the culture
  • Who has a bad boss or poor leader

Anyone who wants to be great rather than good!

What else can coaches and mentors do for us?

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