Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leaderisticality... what’s up with that?

There are so many people writing about leadership that I had a hard time figuring out what to call my blog.  So... I stole a page from Stephen Colbert and (hopefully) coined the team Leaderisticality... acting like a Leader.

Like most I started out trying to manage people, and was very lucky in that along the way I worked for some people with leadership skills.  I think just as important are the people I worked for who taught me how not to act in a leadership role.

I’ve learned a great deal through reading and listening to books and podcasts about leadership, and so much more in trying to put those ideas into action in my role as a leader.  Some of my failings have been huge... on the scale of losing everything.  Those bottoms, and subsequent work, have made me a much better leader.  Sharing my faults with my team members has helped build relationships, from which I’ve learned new perspectives... that other peoples realities are just as valid as mine.

Every workplace is filled with examples of both good and poor leadership, and mine have been no different.  I will pick examples as often as I can, and write about them here.

I hope that my failings and successes can be helpful in some way.  Please forgive and correct me if/when I misquote someone.  I read a lot, and have picked up so many useful things from other leaders that I will be sharing with you here.  No doubt I will make mistakes here as I do in every area of my life.  

I will try teach you to hire, train, and keep a great hourly workforce.  This method has worked for me, and all of the people I have hired, trained, and who are now in Leadership positions of their own.

If you have any questions, please ask.

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